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Alachua County Home Prices Rise In November

Alachua County home prices rose 0.5% in November, with houses listed at a median of $349,075.


The median home in Alachua County listed for $349,075 in November, up 0.5% from the previous month's $347,450, an analysis of data from shows.

Compared to November 2022, the median home list price slightly increased from $345,575.

The statistics in this article only pertain to houses listed for sale in Alachua County, not houses that were sold. Information on your local housing market, along with other useful community data, is available at

Alachua County's median home was 1,659 square feet, listed at $209 per square foot. The price per square foot of homes for sale is up 4.6% from November 2022.

Listings in Alachua County moved slowly, at a median 56 days listed compared to the November national median of 52 days on the market. In the previous month, homes had a median of 51 days on the market. Around 258 homes were newly listed on the market in November, a 13.2% increase from 228 new listings in November 2022.

The median home prices issued by may exclude many, or even most, of a market's homes. The price and volume represent only single-family homes, condominiums or townhomes. They include existing homes, but exclude most new construction as well as pending and contingent sales.

Across the Gainesville metro area, median home prices rose to $349,950, slightly higher than a month earlier. The median home had 1,664 square feet, at a list price of $208 per square foot.

In Florida, median home prices were $462,623, a slight decrease from October. The median Florida home listed for sale had 1,676 square feet, with a price of $277 per square foot.

Throughout the United States, the median home price was $420,000, a slight decrease from the month prior. The median American home for sale was listed at 1,858 square feet, with a price of $221 per square foot.

The median home list price used in this report represents the midway point of all the houses or units listed over the given period of time. Experts say the median offers a more accurate view of what's happening in a market than the average list price, which would mean taking the sum of all listing prices then dividing by the number of homes sold. The average can be skewed by one particularly low or high price.

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