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Florida Tops The List For Relocation!

DECEMBER 31, 2020

Relocators Head to Sunny Sites – 5 Fla. Cities in Top 20

Report: Of the top 20 cities preferred by relocating Americans, 17 offer sunny, warm weather – and that list includes 5 Fla. metros from Tallahassee to Fort Myers.

ORLANDO, Fla. – According to a report from relocation services provider Updater, 17 of the top U.S. 20 cities for inbound growth were year-round, warm-weather cities.

Of those 17, Florida dominated the list with five spots in the top 20: Tallahassee (No. 3), West Palm Beach (No. 11), Tampa (No. 15), Orlando (No. 16), and Fort Myers (No. 20).

Updater analyzed a random sampling of 1.5 million household moves across the United States that took place from January through November 2020. It found that Americans departed the largest, most densely populated cities in the United States and took to smaller cities, and Southern states that had been attractive destinations for years spiked during the pandemic.

Source: Orlando Business Journal (12/21/20)

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