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Most Fun States? Fla. Ranks as No. 2!

JULY 7, 2022

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Why should someone move to Fla.? Because it’s officially fun, according to a WalletHub study that looked at entertainment, recreation and nightlife.

NEW YORK – A WalletHub study sought to gauge how fun states are by evaluating 65 metrics across three categories: entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and overall costs. Florida was found to be the nation’s second-most fun state to visit behind only California.

The study cited Florida’s wide range of leisure options and its second-highest number of restaurants per capita. Florida also has numerous performing arts sites, golf courses, country clubs, fitness centers and the most marinas, according to the study.

Rounding out the top 10 most fun states were Nevada, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Minnesota and Louisiana.

Source: South Florida Agent (06/22/22) Mack, Emily

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