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REALTORS® Rush Aid to Kentucky, Missouri Flood Victims

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation has given $1 million to help with emergency housing needs during the cleanup.

August 29, 2022

Melissa Dittmann Tracey

The record-setting rains that deluged areas of Kentucky and Missouri in July caused extensive damage to homes and properties. The REALTORS® Relief Foundation has provided $1 million to help flood victims in both states stay in their homes or find emergency housing while recovering from their losses. RRF announced last month two separate $500,000 donations to the Missouri REALTORS® and Kentucky REALTORS® state associations to use toward disaster relief.

A slow-moving severe thunderstorm system crossed central Missouri on July 25, dumping a record amount of rainfall on St. Louis and St. Charles. The system continued moving into eastern Kentucky, causing a 1,000-year flood in the area that washed away homes.

“REALTORS® serve and care about the communities in which they live and work,” says RRF President Michael Ford. “When our members are mobilized to assist others who are facing difficult times, the collective impact is immeasurable. The REALTORS® Relief Foundation looks forward to assisting those who’ve experienced unimaginable loss and doing what we can to help these victims pick up the pieces of their lives.”

RRF has distributed more than $36 million in aid since 2001 toward disaster relief. It has funded over 100 disaster efforts and helped 19,000 families across 42 states and territories. The National Association of REALTORS® covers all administrative costs so all of the funds donated go directly to disaster relief causes.

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