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Residents In Alachua County Who Oppose 4000-Acre Property Proposal

By Zitlali Solache

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 1:58 AM EDT

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - In the meeting, Alachua County commissioners heard about the “Hickory Sink Master Plan”, a 4000-acre property that may be added to southwest Alachua County.

“It’s a collaborative process, which allows us to work really closely with Alachua County and the public, to forge the best future for this property,” shared attorney Patrice Boyes.

Developers said the 4000-acre site would be off Parker Road near Haile Plantation. They said the plan aims to protect conservation and provide housing for more people.

However residents were not convinced with the plan. Since the area is home to state-listed and endangered animals, residents did not hesitate to voice their concerns about the wildlife.

“It’s close to the aquifer,” shared resident William Senell. “They should be protecting it, not trying to develop it.”

Residents said it is also in a high aquifer recharge zone. They worry it would bring a negative impact and are concerned about future generations.

“It would definitely bring increased traffic, a lot of light pollution, noise pollution,” shared resident Ryan Brouillard. “Golf courses are know to use a lot of fertilizer and water, so it’d be a negative impact on the aquifer.”

The board is expected to meet again to talk about the plan on October 11th.

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