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Today's Most Popular Home Decor Styles by Room!

January 12, 2022

As the homebuying and remodeling spree continues amid the pandemic, homeowners are showing they really care about what their home looks like. Google searches for “interior design styles” have increased 40% in the past week alone, according to a study from Uswitch, a mortgage comparison firm.

Researchers analyzed more than 4 million pins across Pinterest to find which decor styles are the most desired across each room of a home and to determine the most popular interior design trends overall on Pinterest.

The most popular pinned style is vintage, the study found. “It appears it’s ‘in with the old and out with the new’ as vintage comes in at number one,” researchers note.

Broken down by room, other style favorites also emerged. For example, in the bathroom, contemporary designs that center on clean lines and neutral colors, along with dashes of black, have gained popularity. In the home office, the industrial look was a favorite, characterized by large open spaces, lots of textures, and bare brick walls.

In the family room, homeowners favored a rustic style that shows naturally aged, casual design and usually includes a color palette of greens, browns, and autumn colors.

In the kitchen, Pinterest users favored vintage looks, which offered a warm, nostalgic feel. Homeowners are choosing paint colors, furniture, and even some appliances to create a vintage feel in the kitchen.


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