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10 Outdoor Living Trends, According to Google

June 15, 2021

Homeowners and home buyers are putting more weight on outdoor spaces as they spend more time at home. So, what’s trending in outdoor spaces? Living Spaces, a furniture retailer, recently spotlighted Google trends data to showcase what is seeing the highest uptick in interest as homeowners spruce up the outdoors.

Warm colors: Google Trends data shows an increase in rustic earthy hues: Interest in terra cotta, rust, rose, and moss green colors have all increased.

Indoor-outdoor spaces: “Cozy, private, and shaded space outdoors” is trending—all through comfy couches, ambient lighting, and multifunctional, weather-resistant furniture, according to Daniela Lopez, a Living Spaces designer. Indoor-outdoor spaces have posted one of the largest increases for 2021, jumping about 156% over the last year, according to Google searches.

Backyard play sets: The kids are getting their own private spaces outside too, including backyard play sets, tree houses, and even giant sidewalk checkers games or outdoor reading nooks. The Google Trends report shows backyard play sets have risen about 7% over the past year.

Gardening: Container gardening is gaining popularity, which has increased spots all around outdoor space for pots of flowers or fruits or vegetables. Edible gardens have seen a 20% increase in searches over the past year and sustainable gardens a 9% increase.

Backyard basketball court: Sports and hobbies have gained popularity in the pandemic and half-court basketball courts don’t have to take up a ton of space. Google Trends notes “backyard basketball court” has seen a 42% interest over the past year.

Garden gnomes: Gnomes are being placed around yards for some whimsical fantasy accents. Google searches for "garden gnomes" are up 11% over the past year.

Rattan stool: Rattan offers up some coastal vibes, but it’s being used in more outdoor spaces everywhere. Google searches are up 4%.

Front porch: The front porch has become an extension of the indoor space and a place during the pandemic for drive-up parties or socially distanced gatherings, Lopez notes. (Read more: Make the Front Porch a Selling Point)

Hot tubs: In creating an entertainment getaway, hot tubs have grown in popularity too. Hot tub searches are up 4.11% over the past year. (Read more: Demand for Pools, Hot Tubs Surging)

View more outdoor trends, according to Google, at

Source: “19 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2021,” Living Spaces (2021)

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